The Vegan Society

Founded in 1944, The Vegan Society is the longest running vegan charity in the world whose founder Donald Watson coined the term ‘vegan’. Their mission is to make veganism mainstream by promoting it as an easily-adopted and widely-recognised lifestyle, and their vision is a world in which humans do not exploit other animals.

Pigs rooting around under trees

The charity inspires positive change by showing people the ethical, environmental and health benefits of vegan through a variety of campaigns and communications. They also recognise vegan friendly products with their vegan trademark, making it easier to understand what’s suitable for those living a vegan lifestyle. Our own green electricity has been registered with The Vegan Society, which means no animal products are used during any part of our supply chain.

“Every year, over 56 billion animals are bred to live painful lives and die horrible deaths because people buy meat, dairy and eggs - and the saddest thing is that all of this is completely unnecessary,” said The Vegan Society. “Most people are already vegan in their hearts because they believe that harming animals is wrong. We can live happy, healthy lives as vegans without contributing to anyone’s suffering – and this is the core message in all of our work.” 

The Vegan Society provides information which supports and advises individuals and health professionals, caterers, manufacturers, and influences policy makers. They fund initiatives, work with volunteers, partners and the media to reinforce a positive view of veganism and help a larger audience see that veganism is a rewarding, enjoyable and viable lifestyle.