The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society, founded in 1944 is the most experienced vegan charity in the world providing benefits of their valuable evidence-based information and guidance on various aspects of veganism as widely as they can.

Pigs rooting around under trees

The Society celebrates their 70th anniversary of its founding in November this year.

They inspire positive change, through sustainable plant-based solutions and by supporting vegan living as life-affirming, inclusive and inspiring through a  variety of campaigns and communications.

“The farming of animals is causing extensive damage to our environment. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation showed that the global 'livestock industry' is in the top three causes of all major environmental problems. Farming animals is responsible for at least 18% of greenhouse gas emissions. Studies show that a vegan diet has the lowest environmental impact compared to vegetarian and omnivorous diets.” - CEO of The Vegan Society, Jasmijn de Boo. 

The Vegan Society's mission is to make veganism mainstream, by making it an easily-adopted and widely-recognised lifestyle. They do so through peaceful and factual dialogue with individuals, organisations,  businesses opinion formers and policy makers. Their trademark, which registers vegan products makes vegan living even easier.

They provide information, supporting and advising individuals and health professionals, caterers, manufacturers, and influencing policy makers. It funds initiatives, works with volunteers and partners and the media, to reinforce a positive view of veganism and  help a larger audience see that veganism is a rewarding, enjoyable and viable lifestyle. Visit for more information.