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Ecotricity History - 2007

This year we brought the first turbines to Bristol – three of them, all turning to supply power to the Bristol Port Company at Avonmouth Docks - our latest (and biggest) Merchant Wind Power scheme. Together these stunning turbines provide up to half the power used by the docks – in a super setting right alongside the Severn Estuary. Environment meets Industry at Avonmouth docks and nothing symbolises that better than modern windmills.

And another prize! Al Gore presented Ecotricity with the world’s leading green energy prize at the Ashden Awards – and funnily enough it was for our pioneering Merchant Wind Power initiative, bringing wind energy to large industrial users.

For more details on what we did you can download our  2007 progress report (PDF, 1.65 MB) in PDF format.

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Total windmills installed: 26

MW Installed (this year): 6

Total capacity to date: 26

Homes powered (equiv): 13,865

Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.: 22,479

Homes Supplied Year end: 23,267