The Vision

A sustainable future isn’t just about where our energy comes from. It’s about what we eat, how we power our homes and how we get around. Food, energy and transport – the big three things that we all need to tackle.

So, what will our transport look like post oil and post carbon? In the UK we drive around 200 billion miles a year and burn almost 25 million tons of oil to do it. This is simply unsustainable. Nearly a quarter of all the car journeys we make are less than two miles – and 99.6 per cent are less than 100 miles.

The answer is electric cars. Charged using renewable energy for the ultimate in sustainability – zero pollution, from a fuel source that will never, ever run out. We launched our Electric Highway in 2011 – the world's first national charging network for electric cars. Now, electric vehicle drivers can travel the length and breadth of the country, stopping off to charge in the time it takes to drink a cuppa.

When we started, all the big car companies said it couldn’t be done. Or that it would need years and hundreds of millions to do it. So, in our typical style, we wanted to throw down the gauntlet and just get on and do it.

So we did. A car to smash the stereotype of looking like something Noddy would drive. An out-and-out desirable sports car, capable of combustion engine-beating speeds and able to do 100-150 miles on one ‘tank’. All with zero emissions. Cake and eat it stuff.

We have a bunch of films tracking our progress throughout the project. You can watch them all below. Originally we’d hoped to build it within six months, but as you’ll see the deadline kept moving. Eighteen months and 13 episodes later the Nemesis arrived.

Project codename 'Nemesis'

You can visit our  YouTube page to see the whole series, or find out more about each stage of the project in greater detail at

Supercars are supposed to run over Arthur Scargill and then run over him again for good measure. They are designed to melt ice caps, kill the poor, poison the water table, destroy the ozone layer, decimate indigenous wildlife, recapture the Falkland Islands and turn the entire third world into a huge uninhabitable desert, all that before they nicked all the oil in the world.

Jeremy Clarkson