The Nemesis

In September 2012, the ‘Nemesis' broke the UK electric car land-speed record – reaching 148 mph. The existing record of 137mph was set by Don Wales, grandson of legendary speed-merchant Sir Malcolm Campbell.

The Nemesis is the result of nearly two years’ hard work by an ‘A-team’ of ex-motorsport engineers, with the brief from our founder and MD Dale Vince to “blow the socks off Jeremy Clarkson and smash the stereotype of electric cars”.

The result is awesome: faster than a V12 Ferrari, 0-100mph in 8.5 seconds and a top speed of 170mph. All powered entirely from the wind. Or to be more precise – green electricity produced by our windmills and delivered by the grid.

The Ecotricity Nemesis

Our answer to the big question – how will we all get around post oil?

The Vision

From how long to how fast – everything you want to know is here.

Spec sheet