Feed-in Tariff

Switch your FiT to Ecotricity

If you're already generating your own electricity through Feed-in Tariff, you can switch this to the Ecotricity Microtricity scheme now. 

  • We’re one of the UK’s first and largest voluntary FiT licensees - We have been working in renewable energy since 1996 and we manage payments for over 90,000 feed in tariff customers. So you can rely on us to provide a good FiT service
  • We make it easy for you to receive your FiT payment – our great customer service, and our convenient meter reading submission methods, make it easy for you to get your FiT payments
  • We help maximise your FiT payments – we can help resolve any issues with suspended FiT accounts to make sure you’re getting FiT payments for all the systems you own
  • We’re the UK’s greenest energy supplier – take your passion for tackling climate change one step further by getting your FiT payments from a company that really cares about it too
  • We understand the full picture – we own hundreds of rooftop solar PV (photovoltaic energy) systems so we have experienced first hand the issues that come up and know what’s important when it comes to your FiT service


Switch your Feed-in Tariff to Ecotricity

To switch your Feed-in Tariff contract to Ecotricity please download the Microtricity Feed-in Tariff Switch Form below, complete and email it back to microtricity@ecotricity.co.uk


What is Microtricity?

Microtricity is the name of our Feed-in Tariff (FiT) – a government scheme that pays you to generate your own green electricity and export it to the National Grid. 

It’s designed to encourage homes and small businesses around the UK to fight climate change by producing low-carbon green energy

Ecotricity manages the Feed-in Tariff payments for over 90,000 renewable energy installations in the UK – that’s over 10% of all FiT installations in the UK.

Call the team on 0345 555 7600 or email microtricity@ecotricity.co.uk to find out more.

The Feed-in Tariff scheme is now closed for new renewable electricity installations. You can find out more information on the Ofgem website

At Ecotricity, it’s our mission to create a greener Britain. And you can be part of our green energy revolution by putting sustainable energy back into the grid.


Why generate your own green electricity?

Along with transport and food production, energy usage accounts for 80% of our personal carbon emissions. Traditional fossil fuels are running out, and the environmental impact of fracking for shale gas isn’t compatible with the UK’s climate targets.

By generating your own green electricity, you’ll be able to:

  • Save money: You’ll be paid per unit of green electricity you generate, and you’ll save money on your energy bills because the energy you produce will power your home. You’ll also get paid for energy you don’t use that can be exported back to the grid.
  • Create a greener grid: By exporting renewable energy back to the grid, you’ll be helping to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. And by creating a greener grid, we can help reduce dependency on traditional fossil fuels.
  • Join Britain’s greenest energy company: We’re on a mission to make Britain greener – we build and maintain green energy sources, develop energy storage, and continue to expand our Electric Highway. But we can’t do it without your support.


What type of energy can you generate?

The Feed-in Tariff scheme only applies to renewable, low-carbon electricity production – but how you generate that energy is up to you. You can choose from:

  • Solar power
  • Wind power
  • Hydro power
  • Anaerobic digestion (biogas energy)
  • Micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP)

You can find out more information about how Feed-in Tariffs work here.


How much can you earn with a Feed-in Tariff?

The rate you get paid for generating your own green energy will depend on:

  • The size of your energy system
  • The technology you install, e.g. solar panels
  • The date your system is installed
  • The energy efficiency of your home
  • Whether you are eligible for export payments

You can find out more detailed information about Feed-in Tariff rates here.


Switch your Feed-in Tariff to Ecotricity

To switch your Feed-in Tariff contract to Ecotricity please download the Microtricity Feed-in Tariff Switch Form below, complete and email it back to microtricity@ecotricity.co.uk


Feed-in Tariff FAQs

What happens if I move house?

If you move home, the ownership of your renewable energy systems will usually transfer to the new owners and they’ll qualify for your FiT payments. You’ll need to notify us of the change at least 14 days before you’re due to move. You should then take a meter reading from your generation meter on the day the sale completes and send it to us so that we can make a final payment to you and close your FiT account.


What if I buy a home that has a FiT-registered installation?

First, you’ll need to ensure that the FiT installation is included in the purchase of the home.

Then, if the installation is already registered with Ecotricity, get in touch with us so that we can change of ownership over to you on our system. We’ll then ask you for extra information, like the meter reading on the completion date and for proof of ownership and proof of ID.


A family member has passed away and I need to change the registered owner

To transfer the ownership and the associated FiT payments, please get in touch as soon as you’re able to do and provide a copy of the death certificate. Outstanding payments will be made to the executor of the estate, so please also let us know who this is. We’ll then be able to arrange a change of ownership application for the person who has inherited or purchased the property.

When will I receive my payment?

Depending on when you submit your meter reading, you can receive payments up to four times a year. Usually toward the end of February, May, August and November. We’ll send you a reminder to submit your meter readings before the end of each quarter, and use them to calculate your payments. We have to submit our claim for the FiT payments to Ofgem and wait for them to verify the generation and authorise payment. Once we receive the money from Ofgem, we can make payments to our FiT customers.

To change the way you receive your FiT payments, download the Mircotricity Change of Payment Details Form below, complete and email it back to microtricity@ecotricity.co.uk


How will you send my payment?

Your payment will be made directly into your nominated bank account, unless you have chosen to apply it as a credit to your energy account. Please make sure we have up to date details for your bank account, otherwise your payment might be delayed.

To change the way you receive your FiT payments, download the Mircotricity Change of Payment Details Form below, complete and email it back to microtricity@ecotricity.co.uk


How is my payment calculated?

We need work out how much generation we need to pay you for. We do this by taking the most recent generation meter reading you’ve given us and subtracting the last reading we paid you for. For the generation part of the FiT payment, we take this kWh figure and multiply it by your generation tariff rate to work out how much to pay you.

The export part of your FiT payment will depend on whether you have an export meter. If you do, we will take export readings from you and pay the export payment based on that. But if you don’t, we will take the kWh figure calculated from the generation meter, multiply it by the deemed export percentage (50% for solar installations) and multiply it by the export tariff rate. The tariff rates and deemed export percentage rates are set by Ofgem and posted on their website.


I haven’t received my payment statement

We send out payment statements after the end of each quarter, provided you've given us a meter reading for that quarter. You’ll then receive the payment statement by post. If you haven’t received your statement then please get in touch.


Will you let me know if my payment has been delayed?

Yes, if for any reason we’re unable to make your payment when we expect, we will contact you to let you know.


Do I have to pay tax on the money I earn from FiT?

FiT payments are tax free if you use the electricity you generate in your own home. If you’re VAT registered, let us know when you sign up and we’ll set up VAT for your export payments.


What if you received a grant for your system?

 If you received a grant to install your renewable energy, your eligibility may be affected. Email us at microtricity@ecotricity.co.uk or call us on 0345 555 7600 to find out more.


Can I pay my energy bills with money I earn from FiT?

Yes, you can use money earned from FiT to pay your energy bills. Please email us your your FiT ID and energy supply customer number if you want to do this at microtricity@ecotricity.co.uk

Who takes my generation meter reading?

It’s up to you to take a meter reading and send it to us. You need to do this in order to receive FiT payments. Someone may come to inspect your meter, but this usually only happens only once every two years and you shouldn't rely on this for submitting meter readings.


How often should I submit meter readings?

You need to submit readings once per quarter. The best time to submit your reading is in March, June, September and December. You can submit them less frequently, however, you will only receive a FiT payment once you have sent us a reading. Don’t worry though, you’ll never miss out a FiT payment – you just won't be paid for your generation until you submit a reading.


How do I submit meter readings to Ecotricity?

The best way to submit a meter reading is through our website, just follow this link. You’ll need to have your FiT ID handy and your meter serial number, as well as the reading.


Why would a meter reading be rejected?

We have to check whether your meter reading is acceptable by using typical tolerance ranges, to identify those which are unusually low or high. If the reading fails this tolerance check we will get in touch to ask you to check the reading again, and sometimes to ask for a photo (Ofgem may require as proof that the reading is ok)


My meter isn’t working properly

If you think your meter isn’t working properly then you should contact your installer to get them to check the meter. If your installer is no longer in business then you will need to find another installer to inspect, and potentially replace, the meter. 


My meter has been replaced

If you've recently replaced your meter, get in touch with us. We’ll then need you to tell us the date the meter was replaced and the final reading on the old meter. Lastly, you'll need to tell us the make, model and serial number of the new meter and the reading on the new meter when it was installed.