Ion Horse

The Isle of Man TT Zero is a race launched by the Isle of Man government in 2009 to showcase the potential of clean technology, and to encourage enterprise and innovation. Put simply – to race ‘green’ motorbikes, with zero emissions.

So, of course, we had to enter.

We teamed up with Kingston University London to create a ground-breaking electric superbike – the Ion Horse. It went down a storm. The bike came third and scooped a £5,000 prize for being the fastest University team by far, beating the likes of Imperial College London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and some professional teams, including BMW.

Once again, we’ve proved that electric transport doesn’t mean slow and boring – quite the opposite, in fact.

Just like the Nemesis, the Ion Horse exists to challenge preconceptions many people have about electric vehicles. 

It was designed by Kingston University London and motorcycle design company Vepro, for the Isle of Man TT Zero race. Their aim (and ours) was to average over 100mph around the world-famous course.

With this in mind, the bike was developed from the ground up. The team looked at the requirements necessary for a powertrain system capable of high speeds and developed an electric superbike with a 100mph+ average lap time around the TT course.

To give you some idea of the work involved, the team spends around 3,000 hours developing one bike. 

The Track

Critical Stats

Top Speed150 mph
0-60mph3 seconds
Time to build7 months
Power140 kW peak, 70 kW continuous
Max Torque400 Nm peak, 200 Nm continuous
TransmissionChain and Sprocket final drive
EmissionsZero CO2 powered from Ecotricity windmills
TypeLithium polymer
Capacity14 kWh
Range40 miles racing, 120 miles within legal speed limits
Time to charge5 hours standard charge, 1.5 hrs with fast charger
Battery ContainmentKevlar / Nomex honeycomb structure
Wheelbase1500 mm
Weight210 kg