Britain's Greenest Energy
Our Green Energy

Electricity from the Wind, Sun and Sea. Gas from organic material.

Your Green Energy

Our Feed in Tariff for people that make their own electricity - or want to.

Green Britain - Our 2030 Vision

"It's the Green economy, stupid"           – read our research here.

Pay Your Latest Bill Online

Pay your latest bill online, using a  credit or debit card, or set up a regular  Direct Debit.

Three great reasons to join us

Britain's Greenest Energy

Our electricity has the lowest carbon footprint of any available in Britain, and so does our gas.

Best Customer Service

Our service is the best in the industry – according to data published for Ofgem and Which?.

And Ethical Pricing

One tariff and one price is our mantra. No matter when you join or how you pay your bill.