Our Green Gas

When you turn on your central heating, or your gas cooker, you’re burning a fossil fuel that’s millions of years old. And, just with other fossil fuels it won’t last forever.

But there are actually ways to make gas. We can in fact make green gas and put it into the gas grid, just as we do with green electricity and the electricity grid.

We’re working hard to establish Green Gasmills as a major energy source for the UK. Until then all of the Green Gas we supply comes with a shale Frack Free Promise.

National Grid predicts that Green Gas could supply as much 50% of all Britain's homes

See where we plan to build them.

Our Green Gasmills

It’s the answer to several problems.

Why Green Gas?

How they work and what we’ll feed them with.

How our green gas works?

You only have one energy bill - use it wisely.... A smiley face.