Sparsholt College, Hampshire

College looks to the future with green gas.

We’ve teamed up with Sparsholt College to bring green gas to Hampshire.

The Sparsholt College Green Gasmill, fuelled by locally harvested grass and straw, could produce enough clean gas to power the equivalent of over 4,000 UK homes, saving approximately 2,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.*

We introduced the concept of making gas from grass early in 2015 (see how it works), and received planning permission for our first Green Gasmill at Sparsholt College in October 2016.

It’s a very exciting new concept – green gas is almost carbon neutral, it supports food production, it’s sustainable, and it actually benefits wildlife (not least our bees and other pollinators) and the local environment, creating new habitats.

We’re even more excited to be teaming up with Sparsholt College, because they’ll be using the Green Gasmill to train the new generation of green gas engineers. They’ll do this in a new education centre known as the Centre for Demonstration of Environmental Technologies. You can read more about that in our press release here.

For more information, please email:

Whilst necessarily subject to auditing and independent verification by Ofgem, application of the calculator to the Sparsholt College site has indicated carbon savings of nearly 9,000 tonnes could be achievable. However, even if only meeting the RHI qualifying Emissions Factor cap of 34.8 g/MJ the AD facility could, relative to DECC’s fossil fuel comparator for natural gas that emits 51.6g/MJ, achieve a saving of at least 16.8 g/MJ which could translate to annual CO2 emissions savings of some 2,800 tonnes/year.


Construction blog

Revised Plans Approved by Committee – 26 July 2018

Revised plans for our green gasmill were approved by the Council’s planning committee on 26 July. We had to alter the design of the plant as the Government changed its mind over what we could feed our mill with – we now have to use straw as well as grass. These changes delayed the project which meant funding for the education centre was lost – we’re still building one though, just a simpler design and at our cost. We’re also still committed to providing employment and training opportunities, and we have the same restrictions on where we get our feedstock from and which roads we need to use to get it to the site.

Minor Application Submitted – 22 March 2018

For the amendment of the education building and the AD plant following appointment of a technology provider. We hope to have a decision on this at the end of July.

Planning Permission Received - 14 October 2016

Ecotricity and Sparsholt College are pleased to confirm that the revised planning application (which addressed the reason for refusal last time) has been approved by Winchester Councillors subject to a legal agreement and conditions. These include commitments to routes plans, a liaison group and employment and skills plans amongst others.

Our press release on the approval can be found here.

Planning Application Resubmission Validated - 26 July 2016

The resubmitted planning application documents are available for online viewing here using reference number: 16/01679/FUL

Any representations to the application should be made by email to the Planning Department at or by post to:

Planning Department
Winchester City Council
High Street
SO23 9LJ

Copies of the application can be obtained from the address below at a cost of £500 per hard copy and £10 on CD.

Our press release on the resubmission can be found here.

Planning Application Rejected - 21 April 2016

Bad news for this very exciting project – the plans for the mill were rejected by the local council today. We may still appeal the decision so watch this space...

For more info click here to read our press release.

Planning Application Validated - 29 January 2016

The planning application documents are available for online viewing here using reference number: 16/00116/FUL

Any representations to the application should be made by email to the Planning Department at or by post to

Planning Department,
Winchester City Council, 
High Street, 
SO23 9LJ.

Copies of the application can be obtained from the address below at a cost of £500 per hard copy and £10 on CD.

Public Exhibitions Planned - 27 January 2016

Ecotricity are holding a public exhibition to discuss the proposal for a green gasmill and education building on farmland at Sparsholt College near Winchester.

The exhibition will be held at:

Westley Court, Sparsholt College, Sparsholt, SO21 2NFTuesday 9th February 2016 1pm – 8pm

Members of the team (including Sparsholt College, Ecotricity and Consultant Representatives) will be there to discuss the proposals and answer your questions. If you’re unable to make the event please do not hesitate in contacting us at:


Call: 01453 761318

Planning Application Submitted - 19 January 2016

Ecotricity have today submitted a planning application to Winchester City Council for Sparsholt College Green Gasmill. Once validated the planning documents will be available for viewing on this website and a planning reference number provided.

A press release can be found here.

Public Exhibition - 24 September 2015

Ecotricity, in partnership with Sparsholt College, held a one day public exhibition at the College today between 3pm and 8pm. A planning application is likely to be submitted for the scheme this Autumn.