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We want to build enough Green Gasmills to heat Britain’s homes with green gas produced from grass, but we can only do this with the support of farmers across the country.

Would you like to provide feedstock for our Green Gasmills? Or are you interested in having a Green Gasmill built on your land?

If so, please get in touch to register your interest by emailing with the information below.

If you’d like to provide feedstock for the Green Gasmills, please let us know your contact details and your postcode.

If you’re interested in having a Green Gasmill built on your farm, we’ll need your contact details and postcode, as well as the size of your land (it needs to be at least 2.4 hectares). 

In order for us to consider your site for a Green Gasmill, the land needs to be flat but not prone to flooding, and it should have good access – ideally on an A or B road. Also, it shouldn’t be located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or greenbelt, or within 500m of a RAMSAR site, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a Special Area of Conservation, or a Special Protection Area.

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Ecotricity founder Dale Vince chatted to Robert Llewellyn about our Green Gasmills, how they’ll work, and what we’ve got planned for them - you can watch the interviews here. And you can read our report on the potential for green gas (it could revolutionise the gas supply).

Reasons to switch

Jonathon Porritt

"The sooner we can stop using gas from fossil sources, the greater our chances of avoiding runaway climate change. Right now, we’re still very dependent on gas to heat our homes – and we need as much of it as possible to come from biological sources, rather than from fossil fuels. So it’s really good to see Ecotricity’s latest Green Gas initiative in this incredibly important area."

Jonathon Porritt