H + H Pollington, Yorkshire

This wind park will create clean, non-polluting electricity for the H + H plant in Pollington. Green building blocks just got greener!

Using the power of the wind to build our homes, hospitals and schools.

We’ve installed a 0.8MW windmill at the Yorkshire home of H+H, Britain’s largest manufacturer of aircrete products – which form an essential part of the building industry.

The windmill generates enough renewable electricity every year to power the equivalent of over 400 homes.

It’s yet another great example of our business energy partnerships. We pioneered the approach fifteen years ago, and currently power operations for companies such as Ford, Michelin, Sainsbury’s and B&Q, as well as Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn and the RSPB’s headquarters in Bedfordshire.

There are real advantages in green wind energy. It is a strong economic and an environmental choice – it’s about jobs and the new industrial revolution, about building a truly sustainable economy in Britain.