Galsworthy Farm, Devon

Our first wind park in Devon generating around 16.9 million units (kWh) of 100% green electricity per year. These four wind turbines will make a huge contribution to fighting the global climate crisis.

Climate change and the worsening energy crisis, means the question of how we keep the lights on for our children and grandchildren has never been more pressing. We believe the answer is to harness sources of renewable energy - like wind power.

The wind turbines at Galsworthy Farm have the capability of powering over 4,300 homes with pollution free electricity.

Drawing of battery

16.9 million units


Drawing of green house

4,399 homes

powered each year

CO2 in green cloud with arrows pointing down

3,531 CO2 savings


Location & Operation


Location: Bulkworthy, Devon


Windmills: 4


Operation Since: Monday, 1 December 2014

Technical Specifications


Model: Enercon EP2 E-70

Power: 2,300 kW

Rotor Diameter: 71.0 m

Hub Height: 64.0 m

Tip Height: 99.0 m

Wind Speed: 2.5 – 34.0 m/s

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