Dagenham, London

London's very first wind park. Visible from the London Eye. Building on the success of our Merchant Wind Power scheme, we have now constructed three wind turbines at the factory in Dagenham generating 100% green electricity from wind energy.

The wind park presents some huge advantages not only to Ford but the fight against climate change. All the energy will go into helping Ford to build their engines from onsite wind energy.

Since April 2004, anyone driving a new Ford diesel car or van has an engine built entirely using green electricity.

The windmills combine to pump out about 8 million units of clean electricity each year.

Drawing of battery

8 million units


Drawing of green house

2,073 homes

powered each year

CO2 in green cloud with arrows pointing down

1,664 CO2 savings


Location & Operation


Location: Dagenham, London


Windmills: 3


Operation Since: Saturday, 1 May 2004 & Monday, 1 August 2011

Technical Specifications


Model: Enercon EP2 E-66 & Enercon EP2 E-82

Power: 1,800 kW & 2,300 kW

Rotor Diameter: 70.0 m & 82.0 m

Hub Height: 85.0 m & 79.0 m

Tip Height: 120.0 m & 120.0 m

Wind Speed: 2.5 – 34.0 m/s

Switch to 100% green electricity from the wind

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