Advantages of wind energy

Wind is our new North Sea oil – only better.

Wind energy is cleaner, safer, and more abundant. And, unlike North Sea oil, it will never actually run out. Britain has 40 per cent of Europe’s wind resource: we have enough of it to power the whole country several times over.

The benefits of wind turbines, or windmills as we call them, are endless.

Wind energy has been harnessed for centuries (just think of sailing boats and traditional windmills) – so its importance has been known for a long time. Even the idea of using wind to make electricity is not so new; the idea first seems to have come about in the Second World War.

The technology has moved on quite a bit since then though – and making onshore wind power is now the most technologically advanced, commercially viable and proven of all renewable energy technologies available to us.

Modern windmills are superb examples of engineering, efficiently and effectively converting wind power into electricity – operating more hours in one typical year than an average car works in its entire lifetime.

So why do we need wind energy? In short, windmills harness a resource that Britain has lots of, to make an energy source we use lots of (electricity), and they do so with no pollution and with no chance of ever running out of puff – wind energy won't run out on us. Its importance is obvious: it’s an indigenous, clean, endless energy source. 

And if you’re wondering about wind energy pros and cons, just have a look at our wind parks - you’ll see the benefits of wind turbines in action right there. Our windmills prevent thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere and power thousands of homes with green energy every year using Britain’s greatest natural resource. 

And the advantages of wind farms aren’t just limited to fighting climate change. By harnessing wind energy, Britain can also become energy independent. That means we don’t need to import expensive, dirty fossil fuels from other countries – we can power our homes and businesses with energy made right here. 

You can see how much progress Britain is making on this front by checking out our Energy Independence page.

And it’s not just us who understand the good things about wind turbines. Almost 90% of new power in Europe came from renewable energy in 2016, and wind energy overtook coal as the EU’s second largest form of power capacity. 

There’s no doubt we need more support from governments across the world, but the revolution has long since begun – and we’re proud to be at the heart of it. 

The European wind resource map

The European wind resource map
The European wind resource map key

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Henry David Thoreau

"First, there is the power of the wind, constantly exerted over the globe… Here is an almost incalculable power at our disposal, yet how trifling the use we make of it."

Henry David Thoreau, 1843