When The Wind Blows

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Our Windmills work day and night, making Green Electricity from the Wind. The energy in the Wind varies according to a cube law (that means, for example, if you double the Wind speed the amount of energy available increases eight fold) - so at low wind speeds the energy output is quite modest but increases rapidly as the wind speed picks up. The maximum figure you can expect to see in this box is 70,000kW  (our current peak capacity) and this occurs at wind speeds of roughly 25 mph.

Windmills online:
Units of Green Electricity Made
Tonnes of CO2 Saved
A unit also known as Kilowatt hour (kWh) is the standard unit of electricity consumption that you'll see on a electricity bill. The average household uses 3,300 units per year.
CO2 is the important measure in combating climate change. We calculate this using the carbon saving figure of 430g CO2 per kWh of renewable electricity (Source: Department of Energy and Climate Change).