Dalby, Leicestershire

Creating a hybrid energy park for Leicestershire.

We’re looking to add 18,000 solar panels to our nine windmill site near Old Dalby to create a hybrid green energy park. It’s an exciting project. By combining wind and sun energy in one location, we’ll create a more consistent energy supply.

Adding the 5MW sun park will power an extra 1,200 homes for the 25 years of its operation and save nearly 1,000 tonnes of CO2 in the process. We’ll even boost the area’s biodiversity by creating species-rich grassland and planting native hedgerows, great for wildlife and our pollinating insects.

Planning Updates

Planning Permission Granted - 12 May 2016

Planning permission for a 5MW sun park at Dalby was granted today.

Planning Application Validated - 11 February 2016

The planning application documents are available for online viewing here: http://publicaccess.melton.gov.uk/online-applications/ using reference number 16/00078/FUL. Any representations to the application should be made by email to the Planning Department via that link.

Planning Application Submitted - 05 February 2016

Ecotricity have submitted a planning application to Melton Borough Council for Dalby Solar Park. Once validated, the planning documents will be available for viewing on this website and a planning reference number provided.

Public Exhibition - 16 September 2015

Ecotricity held a one day public exhibition at Old Dalby Village Hall today between 3pm and 8pm. A planning application is likely to be submitted for the scheme in the new year.