Green energy from the sun

Britain has enough sun, it’s not all wind and rain here – and Britain can make solar energy on a large scale. Well, it has enough sun to make lots of green electricity anyway.

Large scale sun parks have only recently become possible in Britain, but we expect solar power (sometimes called photovoltaic energy) to become a major source of green electricity for Ecotricity over the next few years. Our first sun park is up and running in Lincolnshire – and we have five others in planning.

In this section you can find an introduction to solar energy, find out what solar energy is, and gets lots more information on what we’re doing to harness this incredible natural resource.

Our sunmills

We like to call them sunmills – just as we have windmills that generate electricity from the wind, our sunmills generate electricity from the sun.

To generate enough electricity from the sun to power homes and businesses – takes a lot of sunmills, and we mean a lot. Our first sun park was 1MW in size, occupying almost five acres of land and consisting of over 5,000 solar panels all joined together. This sun park will produce enough green electricity each year to power about 250 homes.

Read more about our sunmills here.

How solar energy works

Solar energy is produced when light from the sun is turned into green electricity. That power can then be used to power homes and businesses.

It’s one of many renewable energy resources that can be produced with no carbon emissions making it a viable solution to the climate change crisis. Solar power is sustainable and good for the planet.

At Ecotricity, we plan to continue using the money from your energy bills to develop new sources of green energy – including more from solar power. We call it bills-into-mills,

Read more about how solar energy works here.

How to switch

You can switch to green energy online and only takes a few seconds. Start powering your home with green energy today.