People Power Fund

The People Power Fund

Four of the Big Six energy companies are connected to fracking. In contrast, no other energy company does more to oppose fracking than we do.

Not only do we supply carbon neutral green gas, we've also set up partnerships with anti-fracking groups nationwide to support their campaigns. We’ve funded events, provided banners – we’ve even sent cleaning products into fracking protest camps!

But now we want to do more for the activists who are fighting fracking on the front line, so they can get whatever they need to support their battle – from portaloos to solar lamps.

Every time someone switches to us using the People Power Fund code, we’ll add £60 to the fund.

So boycott the frackers – use your People Power – and join Ecotricity and the fight against fracking.

And if you’re part of an anti-fracking group, you can find out everything you need to know about applying for funding below.