What are the alternatives to fracking?

We’re not just joining the fight against fracking – we’ve found a way of generating gas so we don’t need to resort to fracking in Britain.

We can generate enough gas to power homes around Britain in our green gasmills, using a resource that will never run out – grass.

Green gasmills will cut carbon emissions, reduce our reliance on declining fossil fuels, support local farmers, create wildlife habitats and improve the environment – they’re the antithesis to fracking.

There’s another way to generate the gas we need, and we don’t need to frack the countryside to get there – we just need to mow the grass.

We’ve recently been given permission to build our first green gasmill, and have several others in planning.

Watch Ecotricity founder Dale Vince chat to Robert Llewellyn about our Green Gasmills, how they’ll work, and what we’ve got planned for them.

And here’s Dale chatting about the steps we’re taking not just to oppose fracking, but to offer an alternative way of producing gas in Britain.