World car free day, with a depiction of a young woman riding a bike and a city landscape behind her
21 September 2018

Ditch the car and put power to the pedal

It’s World Car Free Day (22 September)! To celebrate, we chatted to one of our Staff Writers, Emma, about how she avoids cars and prefers pedal power.

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Windmills turn in the sunset signalling the start of Ecotricity #EcoHour
20 August 2018

60 green minutes with #EcoHour

It’s really important to keep talking about climate change, to let people know what causes it and what the consequences could be. That’s why we’re launching our monthly Twitter #EcoHour.

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Top tips to go plastic free with an image of a whale surrounded by plastic rubbish on a blue background
16 August 2018

Eleven tips for cutting plastic out of your everyday life

The plastic problem is a hot topic at the moment, but cutting plastic out of your daily life can be a daunting task. Don’t worry though – we’ve got you covered. Here are our eleven easy tips for saying no to plastic.

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Why we're saying no to plastics graphic
10 August 2018

Why we’re saying no to plastic

Every day, around eight million pieces of plastic pollution enter our oceans. And every year 100,000 marine mammals and turtles, and one million sea birds are killed by marine plastic pollution.

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Sad looking girl with straw up nose campaigns against plastic pollution
9 August 2018

Five top tips to beat the plastic problem

You will no doubt be aware that we are facing an environmental disaster from the widespread presence of plastic debris in every corner of our world.

More than eight million tons of plastic is dumped in our oceans every year. Half of it comes from disposable plastics that are only used once before being thrown away. At this rate we could see more plastics in the oceans than fish by weight by 2050.

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Forest Green Rovers – world’s first vegan football club
3 August 2018

Forest Green Rovers – carbon neutral football

FGR was recently described by FIFA as the greenest football club in the world, and in 2017 was officially recognised as the world’s first vegan football club. Now they’ve gained another global accolade – the world’s first United Nations certified carbon neutral football club. They’ve signed up to the UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now initiative, which aims to achieve a climate neutral world by mid-century.

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Elles Bailey performs exclusively for Ecotricity in The Shed with Jon Earl.
25 July 2018

A shedload of songs

When filmmaker Alex and I visited Jon Earl in Weston-Super-Mare a few weeks ago, we were surprised to arrive at his house and be shown straight to his garden shed.

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Two vegan wraps presented with a 'Simply Vegan' graphic
24 July 2018

Simply Vegan at WOMAD

WOMAD’s nearly here and we’re super excited to be going. There’s amazing music from around the world, fantastic activities and events, and a whole host of cultural experiences to be enjoyed. And on top of all that, there’s great food available too. We caught up with Helen from Simply Vegan, who’ll be providing some awesome vegan food at the festival. She told us about the successes and challenges she’s experienced when delivering the vegan message to a hungry audience.

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Around the world of food at WOMAD
24 July 2018

Around the world of food at WOMAD

It’s not just music from around the world at WOMAD, there’s also food from every corner of the globe. A whole host of food vendors will be offering a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options. And while there are too many to list them all, here’s a taste of what you can expect.

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Phoebe in a make-up studio standing next to her face paints with studio lights around her
19 July 2018

2018: A Face Odyssey

Ecotricity people love to deliver our green message every day. And we love that so many of them have rich and varied skills and talents. Phoebe works in our Home Moves department and has been with us for nearly two years. In that time, she’s also been running a fantastic face painting business which, luckily for us, means we get her great skills at a number of our events. We chatted with Phoebe recently to find out more.

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A man jumps up in happiness in front of a backdrop of the ocean
18 July 2018

Field Studies Council – bringing environmental understanding to all

We love partnering with the Field Studies Council (FSC), as they do some amazing work to bring the environment to life. Through their Bursary Fund they offer experiences in the natural world to those who may otherwise not get the chance - encouraging more people to look after the environment, as they gain a better understanding of how their actions have an impact on it.

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