Thousands get Fully Charged with our EV tariff

29 January 2018

With Britain’s electric vehicle revolution in full swing, there’s been an incredible response to Fully Charged, our new energy and EV bundle for electric car drivers, with thousands of customers old and new benefiting from cheaper charging at home and on the road via the Electric Highway.

Fully Charged is an energy and EV bundle that makes life easier for EV drivers. It’s got three pretty good benefits …

Firstly, you get our awesome new EV tariff: Green Energy + EV. We know EV drivers use more power than the average home, so we’ve set up the new tariff in such a way so that it will save the average owner around £120 a year compared to a Big Six standard tariff – making it the lowest cost electric vehicle tariff on the market*.

Secondly, the bundle also gives Ecotricity customers half price charging on the Electric Highway – paying just 15p per kWh, with no connection fee or monthly subscription. For the average user, that’s roughly a £50 saving every year**.

Finally, choose the Fully Charged bundle and you also get an exclusive discount on a Rolec’s Wallpod home charger, which can charge a vehicle 60% faster than a standard plug. Choose a Wallpod home charger with Fully Charged, and you’d be saving £180*** vs a similar home charge point. 

It’s all part of a grand electric plan for us. We’ve been at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution for almost twenty years, and we think Fully Charged will enable even more people to go electric.  

As Dale says, it’s all about keeping things simple:

“Our ambition in doing this is clear – to make electric vehicle charging at home and on the road simple, joined up and cost effective for existing and new EV drivers. In this way, we hope to encourage more people to go electric.”

You can join our new Green Energy + EV tariff and get more information on the Fully Charged bundle here - click here for more information.


* If you’re an EV tariff customer using the average electricity consumption of 6270kWh, you’d pay £120 less than if you had chosen the standard variable tariff (excluding discounts) of the Big Six energy companies (prices correct as of 14/11/17).

**Based on 26 charges of 13kWh per year

*** Compared to the Chargemaster website price of £279.


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