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26 February 2018

Here at Britain’s greenest energy company, we’re on a mission: to create a greener Britain by changing the way people think about energy, transport and food. Those are three big areas we need to change. Together, they make up 80% of our personal carbon footprints, so by changing our attitudes in these three areas we can make a huge difference in fighting climate change.

On the food front, we’ve partnered with some excellent organisations to get the message out there – organisations like The Vegan Society, who do amazing work spreading the sustainable message of plant-based food.

We’ve also made inroads into quite unlikely areas. Through our work with Forest Green Rovers Football Club, we’ve managed to take the green message to a huge sporting audience: an audience largely unused to eating sustainably, certainly at football grounds.

We turned FGR into the world’s first vegan football club, and FIFA recently described the club as ‘the greenest in the world’, showing how we’ve been able to bring together football and environmental consciousness at the highest levels of the game!

Our mission with FGR was to get the sustainable food message out there. And you know what, it’s working. In recent away fixtures, both Carlisle United and Morecombe FC have provided a fully vegan menu to fans – that’s amazing. What was totally unheard of just a couple of years ago is starting to become a reality – attitudes are really changing.

We need attitudes to change on the high street and online too. It’s not just about food, it’s about making the right ethical choice in all your shopping decisions – from the clothes you wear to the light bulbs in your living room.      

It can feel like a bit of a minefield when trying to make good choices. A trip to the supermarket can cause a mini crisis, with mainly just the major brands on offer and little information to help you make an ethical choice. It can turn a simple exercise into a complicated chore, as you trawl through ingredients and product information that leave you feeling more confused than when you started.

There are a few good ethical stores that are well worth investigating – and Ethical Superstore is a great example.

They source products from all over the world that hold – all with ethical credentials. Whether you’re looking for everyday groceries, children’s toys or new clothes, they do the ethical groundwork for you. All the products on offer have established credentials in any number of areas – whether you want organic or Fairtrade, vegetarian, vegan or palm oil free, simple tags instantly show the standards to which the product has been produced. Saving you valuable time and the stress of working it all out.

With loads of high quality products available from well-known brands like Cafedirect and Divine, plus lots to choose from new ethical brands you can’t get in the supermarket, Ethical Superstore is a great place to make your money well spent. What’s more you’ll feel good having made some great choices.

Start making a difference with your buying power, and make a difference with your energy supply too.

Switch to us and receive a £50 voucher to spend at Ethical Superstore.


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