Vegan burger on a plate for National Burger Day
27 August 2020

National (Vegan) Burger Day – brought to you by Ecotricity & our partner Viva!

Today, 27th August 2020, is National Burger Day; and we’re celebrating by bringing you the most nutritious version of the UK’s favourite fast-food, vegan burgers!

So, get your frying pans at the ready and discover some amazing vegan facts and delicious recipes from our friends at the vegan charity, Viva!

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Bircher muesli in mason jar topped with strawberries and blueberries
18 May 2018

Bircher muesli for National Vegetarian Week

To continue celebrating National Vegetarian Week, here’s a great vegan version of the classic breakfast, bircher muesli. It’s super healthy, only takes 15 minutes to prepare (then overnight in the fridge) and is perfect for the working week.

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Chickpea no tuna sandwich with lettuce made with brown bread on a white dinner plate
16 May 2018

Chickpea 'tuna' for National Vegetarian Week

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Vegan Punks to create a simple weekday lunch, perfect for summer months.

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24 April 2018

Try our vegan pizza

We’ve been serving delicious pizza at Forest Green for a few years now, and it's always a huge hit with fans. As with all food at FGR and Ecotricity - it’s tasty, wholesome and of course, always vegan.

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Close up photograph of Forest Green Rovers' award winning vegan shortcrust Q pie on a white rectangular plate
13 April 2018

FGR launches search for new chef to deliver pioneering vegan menu

Forest Green Rovers is on the hunt for a new head chef to continue the club’s revolutionary work as the world’s first vegan football club.

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Close up photograph of Forest Green Rover's vegan banana and toffee tarte tatin topped with icing sugar
6 April 2018

Banana Bake Off

We’ve got another great recipe for you from the Forest Green Rover’s kitchen – a sweet, sticky banana and toffee tarte tatin. This upside down, puff pastry dish is delightful – especially topped with vegan whipped cream.

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Vegan Apron person in black and white t-shirt holding a box of vegetables including recipe cards
24 March 2018

Put on your Vegan Apron

Food is a key part of our mission to make Britain greener. With energy and transport, it all together makes up 80% of our carbon footprint.

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Selection of Tideford Organics products including vegan basil pesto, vegan ragu, beetroot soup and miso soup, powered by Ecotricity
8 March 2018

Tideford Organics get even greener with energy from Ecotricity

The vegan food company Tideford Organics has taken the next step in its sustainable journey by switching to Britain’s leading green energy company, Ecotricity, who provide 100% green electricity generated from the wind and the sun.

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26 February 2018

Ride the ethical shopping wave

Here at Britain’s greenest energy company, we’re on a mission: to create a greener Britain by changing the way people think about energy, transport and food. Those are three big areas we need to change. Together, they make up 80% of our personal carbon footprints, so by changing our attitudes in these three areas we can make a huge difference in fighting climate change.

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23 January 2018

My Vegan Week (part 2)

Last week, Beth from our social media team gave the plant-based lifestyle a try. Here’s how she got on with being vegan for a week:

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Ecotricity what I eat in a day Beth's vegan week vegetable curry with rice and pita bread
19 January 2018

Beth's Vegan Menu

Being vegan doesn’t mean you’re limited to just raw veg and a bland, boring diet. Whilst trying out veganism, I’ve used so many new recipes all with exciting flavours – it’s been so much fun!

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