Pulsin – Powered by Ecotricity

12 June 2018

In 2007 Pulsin sold their very first raw vegan nutrition bar. It was the start of a journey that’s seen them triple their output since 2012, now with an annual production that exceeds five million bars. And that’s not all they make: their ever-expanding menu includes raw chocolate brownies, fruity oat bars and vegan-friendly protein powders. Pulsin is powered by green energy from Ecotricity, so Max Boon and Alex Tyler from our Communications team visited their factory to find out more.


By Max Boon

From sitting around their kitchen table making handmade energy balls to developing a factory in Gloucestershire making tens of thousands of bars a day, Pulsin have come a long way. We wanted a closer look at how their vegan energy snacks were made, so it was time to get our hairnets, lab coats and beard covers on!

The founders of the company, Ben, Nick and Simon, go back to university days and we could tell that, despite their rapid growth, they’ve stuck to their principles in building the business. You can check out the Youtube video of Ben and Nick talking about the brand’s history here.

Simon took time out of his busy day to give us a tour of the factory and talked us through the step-by-step process of making their fruity oat bars.

Pulsin have been powered by Ecotricity for ten years and are always aspiring to do more to improve their environmental footprint. Their products are mostly vegan, and they’re looking to install solar panels on the roof of their factory at some point soon too. They may even consider an electric company car next time they buy, as they were pretty excited to take a look at the BMW i3 we arrived in.

It was a really fun, informative trip, and I think the rest of our team enjoyed it when we came back to the office with a bag full of goodies too.

Switch to green energy with Ecotricity and get your hands on a bumper pack of Pulsin goodies. Enjoy guilt-free snacking while helping to tackle climate change with your energy bills.


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