Easy eating out for vegans

19 December 2019

Britons love eating out. On average, households in Britain spend more than £45 a week eating in restaurants – so it’s no surprise that having less choice on the menu is a big concern for people considering switching to a vegan diet.

But more and more chain restaurants are introducing vegan menus – so if you don’t have any independent vegan places near you, you can still enjoy delicious plant-based cuisine wherever you live.

There are lots of great independent vegan restaurants in the UK (here’s a list where you can find out about the best ones near you), but if you’re in a rush, here are our top five chain restaurants with fantastic vegan menus, who are also doing great things to support the environment too:

The Stable

If pizza, pies and cider float your boat, The Stable is the place for you. They have a dedicated vegan menu with plenty of options – including garlic bread! Plus, they have enough cider to keep The Wurzels happy on a world tour. And everything’s made with locally sourced ingredients.


Not only do Wagamama have a delicious and varied vegan menu, they’re also super eco-friendly. All of their restaurants are powered by green energy, and if you can’t quite manage to finish your yasai pad-thai, don’t worry – their food waste is used to make energy through anaerobic digestion. You can’t go wrong.


If you’re after vegan Italian food, look no further. Zizzi have a vegan alternative for most items on their menu, so you don’t have to miss out. They also recycle all their cooking oil to turn it into biodiesel. Ama-zizzi-ng.

Yo! Sushi

If Japanese food is your thing, you need to check out Yo! Sushi. There’s nothing fishy going on here. As well as vegan sushi, they also have rice and noodle dishes. They’re often named one of the most sustainable high street restaurants.


This is the way to go for vegan sandwiches. Check out this guide to Subway on Peta’s website to help you with ordering the vegan options – there's lots to choose from! On top of that, they’re also making lots of changes to their packaging, transport, energy and water consumption to reduce their impact on the environment.

Bon appetite!

It's not just food that can be vegan, you can also get vegan clothes, beauty products and even gas! We don't use animal bi-products to generate our gas, unlike some other energy companies who supply 'green' gas. Find out more here and join us today.



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