Ecotricity’s gas receives Vegan Society registration
13 November 2018

Ecotricity’s gas receives Vegan Society registration

Ecotricity – the world’s first green energy company, has today announced its green gas supply to homes and businesses is now recognised as vegan – alongside its green electricity, which received registration from The Vegan Society earlier this year.

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Rows of tshirts hung out to dry outside a festival entrance
17 July 2018

Sustainable fashion at Larmer Tree festival

The fashion industry isn’t well known for being green. Just last year, Stella McCartney condemned it as “incredibly wasteful and harmful to the environment”. So it’s good to know that there are businesses out there producing original clothes that don’t cost the earth. We spoke to Rosie from t-shirt printing business, Giant Triplets, as they prepare to take their sustainable fashion to Larmer Tree festival.  

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Jon Snow to lead fracking discussion at WOMAD
6 July 2018

Ecotricity to discuss fracking fight at WOMAD

How can we combat the looming threat of fracking in Britain? Anti-fracking experts will be discussing what we can do to fight it at WOMAD festival this summer, in a special Ecotricity event hosted by Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow.

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Two men playing acoustic guitar and drum at the Jig at the Rig anti-fracking demonstration at New Preston Road
29 March 2018

The fight against fracking - a first hand account

On 16 March, 200 people gathered from around the country for a ‘Jig at the Rig’ in support of local protestors resisting Cuadrilla’s fracking operations at Preston New Road. Organised by Reclaim the Power, the all-day shut down of the fracking site featured live music, poetry and a dance-off in the tracks of Lancashire’s drilling trucks, right outside the gate.

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Ecotricity's Heather Holve in the office talking about anti-fracking campaigns
27 March 2018

Joining the fracking frontline

One of our most recent and hard-hitting examples of people power has come in the fight against fracking. We’re dedicated to fighting this harmful industry, actively making a stand by launching our ‘Boycott the Big Six’ campaign. We’ve been out at fracking sites to support the protestors, meeting people who are quite literally on the frontline.

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Ecotricity's Amy Hill profile discussing her plastic free challenge
8 March 2018

Fake plastic seas

The catastrophic impact of plastic pollution on the environment is becoming more and more widely known. New evidence is literally piling up, revealing the true extent of the plastic problem. Things have got to change. From large plastic items entangling marine life to micro plastics being found in the deepest parts of the ocean, our seas are suffocating.

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Carly Hulme in an office chair talking about Women in STEM science, tech, engineering and maths
8 March 2018


There’s a strong global momentum striving for gender parity right now. International Women’s Day arrives at a very appropriate time – and it kicks off the campaign for the year ahead.

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6 March 2018

More plastic than fish in the oceans?

Our oceans just can’t stomach any more plastic. It’s unavoidable. The issue is increasingly in the news, and the spotlight has really begun to shine on the devastating effects of plastic pollution.

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Ecotricity staff holding a placard at anti-fracking demonstrations in Misson, Eckington and Ryedale
6 February 2018

“Fracking is being forced on local communities”

At the end of last week, I spent two incredible days meeting anti-fracking groups in Misson, Eckington and Ryedale, along with our campaigns manager Heather and filmmaker Alex.

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Ecotricity Boycott the Big Six anti-fracking march with people wearing high vis jackets and holding placards
1 February 2018

Boycott the Big Six – Join our fight against fracking

We’ve always been an energy company with a conscience, but when we heard some staggering statistics about fracking recently, we knew we had to act. It’s almost unbelievable that while government data says just 16% of us are in favour of fracking, more than half of us are actually supporting it through our energy bills.

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Ecotricity Boycott the Big Six anti-fracking protest marching up hill with placards and banners
24 January 2018

Ecotricity’s ‘Boycott the Big Six’ calls for bill payers to fight fracking with their energy bills

Ecotricity – Britain’s greenest energy company, has kicked off a new campaign to highlight that despite mass rejection of fracking, the controversial method of extracting gas from the ground – 60% of Brits are paying to support it through their energy bills.

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