Pay As You Go

A Pay As You Go (PAYG) meter gives you better control over your energy use, by letting you pay for your gas and electricity as you use it, in manageable chunks.

How does PAYG energy work?

You top up your electricity or gas as you need it, using a key or card at your nearest PayPoint station. And if you’ve got a PAYG Smart meter, you can top up using our app without even having to leave home.

You can keep an eye on how much energy you use each day, and set a weekly budget for your gas and electric.

Why switch to Ecotricity?

  • We’re Britain’s greenest energy company: Not all green energy companies are created equal – some ‘green’ suppliers even buy their energy from non-renewable sources. We only supply 100% green electricity and carbon neutral green gas – all animal-free. And we don’t just supply green energy, we make it too!
  • You’ll make a difference with your energy bills: We use the money from your energy bills to build a greener Britain, from building and maintaining new sources of green energy, energy storage, and expanding the Electric Highway, our network of electric car charge points. So you’re helping to make Britain a greener place – just by paying your bill.    

Who can switch to a PAYG meter?

You can switch to our PAYG tariff, as long as:

  • You already have a prepayment meter at your home
  • You pay for your energy bills yourself
  • You’re not in debt to your existing energy supplier

Is PAYG more expensive?

Unlike most energy companies, we won’t charge you more to be on a prepayment meter.

And like our other tariffs, you’ll always be on the best available price, with no exit fees or penalty charges tying you into your energy plan.

How to switch

Switching to our green PAYG energy tariff is easy:

  • Get a quote using our online form
  • Select the PAYG prepayment meter option
  • Let us know a little bit about how much energy you use
  • Switch to green energy and let us take care of the rest

Reasons to switch