Our tariffs

We offer just one simple tariff for electricity and one for gas and these are both dedicated to building new sources of green energy – put them together for the ultimate green dual fuel.

Our Green gas tariff is the only one in Britain with a frack-free promise - we’ll never source any of our gas from shale. It’s currently 12% green, and that percentage will grow very quickly over the next few years as we build our own Green Gasmills – through our unique model, turning your bills into mills.

Green electricity


100% green electricity made from the wind and the sun. And we’ll turn your bills into new sources of green energy.

If you drive an electric vehicle, you can get the equivalent of 1,000 miles of free electricity.

Green gas


Green gas with a frack-free promise.

At the moment 12% of the gas we supply is green. That percentage will grow as we build our own green gasmills – using our ‘bills into mills’ model.