What sort of service can you expect when you switch to Ecotricity? The best people to tell you that are our customers. Here is a selection...  

Customer Services

These testimonials are from customers who have contacted us to tell us how pleased they are with the way they have been treated

I just wanted to say congratulations on your excellent customer service. Whenever I call your obviously highly trained staff they are always so polite and friendly and my queries are dealt with so quickly I actually come off the line in shock! I find that people will always find the time to complain but hardly ever to praise. So just wanted to say thank you for never being one of my issues in life and proving that energy companies can take care of their customers if they choose to :)

JS (April 2017)

An actual person answers the phone. Always super helpful and pleasant. Easy meter readings. Love that my money goes to new energy creation and clean energy, especially gas. 

SC (September 2017)

Made me feel that I as a customer really do matter. Your staff are always very polite, respectful and helpful this is especially important as I am over 65, disabled and have a hearing impediment. Thanks and well done.

CR (Jan 2017)

Absolutely fabulous lady I spoke with, brilliant customer service, human and funny and chatty and even solved my problem of having paid too much. A breath of fresh air during my day of catching up with paperwork.

HL (June 2017)

Friendly and helpful staff on the end of a phone every time, no problem is an issue and they are always happy to help.

CW (February 2017)

Customer Champions Team

Despite our best intentions – and however hard we try to get things right – mistakes happen and problems occur. For the rare occasion when this happens we have a Customer Champions Team. These testimonials are from customers who have had issues resolved by our Customer Champions Team.

Let me from the outset thank you for getting involved and sorting out all the billing problems - I genuinely appreciate what you have done and the level of investigation you have carried out... Let me thank you again for you sorting out the billing I am appreciative of what you have done. A Merry Christmas and a happy new year and good luck with your career. Please pass on my thanks to your manager for the work you have done in resolving the above.

MK (February 2016)

Thank you for your detailed and comprehensive enquiry into the issues that I raised. I can see that you have taken this matter seriously and have taken appropriate steps; you have answered the questions that I raised.

AT (January 2016)

Thank you so much for the swift response. I very much appreciate the depth with which you have looked into our issue and am very happy with the outcome.Thank you for your help,

AJ (January 2016)

Thank you for your help and explanation, especially for making it simple to understand, very appreciated. X

BQ (January 2016)


People on the internets tend to use social media as a hammer with which to bash companies right on the brand. Most of our customers use it to tickle us…

Another exceedingly fast call to @ecotricity customer services. Everything sorted within six and a half minutes of dialing (I timed it).

Tweeted by @NotInventedHere (September 2017)

What I love about firms like @ecotricity is that when you tweet at them, they don't just respond, they solve your issue. #CustomerService

Tweeted by @DRossiter87 (July 2017)

@ecotricity Just phoned you - really good service. Friendly efficient staff and even the 'hold' music was very good. Have a good weekend!

Tweeted by @MarkAvery (June 2017)

Yet again, I'm really impressed by @ecotricity's customer service. Each time I need to speak to them, a friendly person answers the phone.

Tweeted by @IanFarrington (June 2017)

Awesome customer service experience when dealing with a payment query with @ecotricity. Definitely a company I admire and recommend

Tweeted by @iamnick_harris (February 2017)


I changed over yesterday. Amazing service, really helpful and polite. I've invited my entire friends list to sign up with you guys as you are definitely the way forward. Keep up the amazing fantastic work guys. (heart emoticon) 

BT (March 2016)

I changed my supplier to Ecotricity when I moved in August. They have by far and away the best customer service of any utility company. Friendly, polite and really helpful. Their tariff is simple and competitive. I would recommend them to everyone. Absolutely no incentive to saying this other than I believe good customer service should be acknowledged.

AS (February 2016)

I like to think that most my friends are good people and that if they bothered to spend 10 mins researching Ecotricity they'd make the effort and spend another 10 mins switching energy supplier.

AM (January 2016)

I think everybody should appreciate what excellent service ecotricity provides.. they are not just supplying gas and electricity they are doing an amazing job for the environment And wildlife. and a lot for charity from all over the world.. I'm so proud to say my supplier is ecotricity. you go my Eco Warriors.xxx keeping it Green xxx

MF (January 2016)