Britain's Greenest Energy

Green energy is of course better for the environment than brown energy from fossil fuels and nuclear.

But there are different shades of green.

Some sources of green energy are actually greener than others – they have a lower carbon footprint.

As it happens, our energy is the greenest of any supplier in Britain.*

* Based on latest available data from October 2015.

Britain's Greenest Energy

Green Electricity 

We were the first energy company in Britain to offer green electricity, way back in 1995 – in fact, we were the first in the world to do that.  

There are quite a few companies offering green electricity in Britain now – and it may appear that there’s little to choose between various 100% green tariffs. Dig a little deeper, however, and it’s a different story. 

Green electricity is often thought of as having zero emissions, but that’s not strictly true – at the point of generation it’s true, but that overlooks quite a lot.  

A true picture of the emissions associated with any source of electricity, green and brown, is on a lifecycle basis – it’s an honest approach that takes into account the emissions involved in the manufacture, installation and operation of the equipment over its entire life. On that basis, all forms of electricity have some carbon emissions – some more than others.

We’ve calculated the carbon content of the electricity supplied by all Britain’s energy companies on the lifecycle basis – as you’ll see, our green electricity easily has the lowest carbon content, making it the greenest by a long way. 

Britain's Greenest Energy table

Green Gas

We were the first energy company in Britain to offer green gas too. 

That was back in 2010 – and we had to go to Holland to find it. 

Things have moved on since then. A growing number of energy companies are offering green gas now and it is being made in small quantities in Britain. It’s currently made from either food waste or an energy crop – but both of these have their problems environmentally.  

We’ve been looking closely at how best to make green gas in Britain and have come up with a very different approach – using grass.  It’s neither food waste nor energy crop and offers significant benefits for wildlife and for local economies – as well as a significantly different environmental impact.

Finding the lifecycle carbon emissions for green gas is not as easy as it is with electricity. It’s something we’re researching now – and we’ll publish that data once we have it. 

Currently, 5% of the gas we supply is green. That percentage will grow as we build our own, and Britain’s, first grass-fed Green Gasmills. 

We’ll use our ‘bills into mills’ model to do this – so just by being with us, you’ll be helping us to make and supply green gas to Britain.

Last updated: May 2016


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