Best Customer Service

We think we have the best customer service in the industry – and our customers think the same. 

We’ve had the lowest number of complaints in the industry for six years in a row, according to data published by the energy regulator Ofgem. 

The complaints report covers the whole market and is the best indicator of whether an energy company is delivering on customer service. 

Best Customer Service

And the icing on the cake – we’ve topped the Which? Best Energy Company survey for two out of the last three years, too.

Great customer service is not rocket science. It’s simple and it works: 

  • We answer the phone ourselves and we do it quickly
  • The first person you speak to resolves nearly 90 per cent of all queries right there and then
  • If we promise to do something, we do it
  • And when something does go wrong, our Customer Complaints team will fix it – in most cases within 24 hours.

How Britain’s Energy Companies Compare 

Each year, Ofgem requires all energy companies to publish the number of complaints they’ve received.

Below you'll see this year's figures for each supplier. We've presented the data as complaints per 1,000 customers to make all companies easily comparable.

As you'll see, we came top in 2015 – that's six years in a row that we have had the lowest number of complaints in the industry. And there’s quite a big difference between us and the second placed company... 

Company name Complaints per 1,000 customers (2015)
Ecotricity 2.88
Utilita 3.78
Utility Warehouse 9.22
LOCO2 9.77
Ovo Energy 10.50
Flow Energy 11.01
Green Star 13.84
SSE 17.26
Spark Energy 17.63
Co-Operative Energy 19.40
First Utility 22.46
Good Energy 25.17
EDF 25.72
E.On 26.52
British Gas 28.95
Npower 31.46
Scottish Power 37.56
iSupply 79.77

Source: Ofgem defined a complaint for this purpose as being any expression of dissatisfaction that has not been resolved by the end of the working day following the day of receipt. All energy companies are required to publish an annual report showing the number of complaints received that have not been resolved by the end of the working day following the day of receipt. Complaint numbers and customer figures are taken directly from suppliers own websites or in the case of the latter from other publicly available sources.

You can read our full annual complaints report.

See our quarterly complaints figures.

See what our customers had to say.


Last updated: January 2016


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