AC Medium

You need the Electric Highway app to charge up on our network. 

If you’d like to use one of our few AC Medium chargers, you’ll always need a swipe card. We don’t have many of these slower chargers – just 16 around the country – but they’re free to use. The swipe cards are free too and you can apply for one using the registration form.

Just make sure you have the right cable required to connect your vehicle to our pumps.

Here’s how...

1. Starting a charge session

  • Firstly, make sure your vehicle is fully switched off.
  • The electricity pump screen will show “please touch card on reader”.
  • Then simply place your swipe card in front of the reader – this is the black bar next to the socket on the charger.
  • The screen will then say “card accepted please plug in”.
  • We advise connecting your cable to your vehicle first, and then connecting this to the socket on the charger.
  • Once the cable is connected, the display will change to show that the charge is in progress: you can then leave your vehicle.

2. Ending a charge session

  • Once the charge has ended, “charge finished, put the connector back and validate” will be shown on the screen.
  • Simply disconnect your cable and you can carry on your journey.

If you need to end your charge session before your session has ended, please do the following:

  • Place your swipe card in front of the reader. The screen will then say “please wait”.
  • Once the screen says “charging ended please disconnect cable”, you can disconnect your cable.
  • Once the cable is removed, the screen will briefly display a charging summary.

Here are the locations of our AC Medium chargers...

Forest Green Rovers, NailsworthMembury Eastbound
Green Park, ReadingMembury Westbound
IKEA CroydonMichaelwood Northbound
Charnock Richard NorthboundMichaelwood Southbound
Charnock Richard SouthboundNewport Pagnell Northbound
Leicester Forest East NorthboundNewport Pagnell Southbound
Leicester Forest East SouthboundOxford Waterstock

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