Gas safety checks

Having a gas safety check reduces the risk of gas leaks and the danger of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Most gas appliances, related flues and other gas fittings should be checked and serviced every 12 months.

Any work should be carried out by Gas Safe Register™ engineers who must hold a valid certificate of competence, certified by The National Accredited Certification Scheme for Individual Gas Fitting Operatives (ACS).

You can find a list of Gas Safe Register™ engineers in your area on the Gas Safe Register™  website.

All gas appliances and gas fittings must be installed in accordance with The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations, building regulations and manufacturer’s installation instructions. Installations should also comply with the British Standards and Regulations for electrical installations.

If you're a tenant, it's your landlord's legal duty to maintain gas appliances, carry out an annual gas safety check and provide you with a copy of the completed Gas Safety Check certificate.

It’s important to get your boiler and appliances checked if you use other fuels such as coal, wood or oil. Chimneys should be swept at least once a year. Keep chimneys, flues or vents clear.

Am I eligible for a free gas safety check?

If you're an Ecotricity gas customer you may be eligible for a free gas safety check if you fulfill ALL of these conditions:

  • own your home and live in it with others (landlords must carry out gas safety checks for tenants)
  • be in receipt of a means-tested benefit
  • not have had a gas safety check carried out at the premises in the last 12 months.

And one of the following:

  • have at least one child under five.


  • be of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick and either:
  • be the sole occupier at the property
  • live with others who are all of pensionable age, disabled, or chronically ill or under 18.

We'll carry out a free gas safety check – on request – on your gas appliances and gas fittings each year. This doesn't replace the need for regular servicing, but it'll give you additional peace of mind.

A Gas Safe Register™ engineer will carry out the safety check and check that your gas appliances are safe and not emitting harmful carbon monoxide. If necessary, we'll advise you on the options available for repairing or replacing any unsafe appliances.

If you think you qualify for a free gas safety check, please call us on 0345 555 7 100 and we’ll send you a Priority Services Form.

What happens during a gas safety check.

The engineer will check your gas appliances and tell you if they're unsafe. They'll explain why and record this information in legible writing.

The important words to look out for are 'condemned', 'spillage', 'carbon monoxide', 'CO' and 'blockage'. Some engineers carry a multi-fuel gas analyser that reports what's being emitted from a condemned appliance – keep this reading if you can. The engineer will advise you if/how your appliance can be repaired if it's condemned.

Red warning notices are placed on any appliances that fail the gas safety check.

It's illegal for anyone – other than a Gas Safe™ Register engineer – to remove these notices. You can find out more at