Struggling to pay?

There are lots of ways we can help if you ever have trouble paying your energy bills. The best thing to do is to get in touch with us as early as you can – we’re always really happy to help. We’ll discuss your options, and we’ll do everything we can to make paying your bill as easy as possible for you.

So, if you think you might have a problem paying, just give us a call on 01453 761 350. We're open from 8.30am – 6pm Monday to Friday or email us anytime on

How we can help

There are lots of reasons why someone might have trouble paying a bill – so we make sure we have lots of options for you to choose from too.

These include:

  • Finding a different payment method that better suits how you manage your bills
  • Agreeing a simple payment arrangement to cover outstanding bills and future usage
  • Switching your meter to Pay As You Go – so you can better budget and manage your energy usage
  • Providing you with advice on how you can reduce your energy bills – for some energy saving hints and tips, check out our energy efficiency advice page or the Energy Saving Trust
  • Arranging for you to pay for your energy directly through your benefits, under the Fuel Direct scheme.

Meet one of the team

Jemma has been helping customers since July 2016, finding solutions for people when they’re struggling to pay their energy bills.

We asked her what advice she’d give to someone who may find themselves in a difficult situation.

“The first thing I’d stress to anyone is don’t panic. We’re here to help and can give you options. The most important thing is that people contact us and don’t ignore the problem. Customers feel better after we’ve spoken to them and arranged a plan to manage their repayment. It’s a worry off their mind and most people say they just wish they’d done it sooner. I suppose there’s often concern about receiving a call from the Debt Management team, but I personally love being able to help. It might seem hard sometimes, but getting in touch is the best thing to do: that way we can help.”

Get independent advice

If you want to get some independent help and advice, there are lots of organisations that provide support too. Here’s a summary of the main ones:

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Your local CAB can give you advice about ways to manage your debts – just pop in to see them. To find your local CAB, go to Their website has loads of great advice too.

StepChange Debt Charity

StepChange is the UK’s largest debt charity, offering free, independent advice. Give them a call for free on 0800 138 1111 or take a look at their website at

National Debtline

The National Debtline charity also offers free, independent advice. Give them a call on 0808 808 4000 or visit their website at

Charis Grants

Call 01733 421021 or visit to check that you’re getting everything you’re entitled to. They may be able to offer grants to help clear some of your debts too.


Turn2us is a national charity that helps people in financial hardship gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and support services. Visit their website at

Home hotlines

We're open from 8.30am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

If you have a problem with your electricity or gas meter while we're closed, give our emergency team a call on 01453 373 033.

If you’d like to make a payment, just give us a call on 01453 488101, our 24 hour automated payment line.

  • Customer service: 0345 555 7 100
  • Moving home: 0345 555 7 500
  • PAYG: 0345 555 7 400
  • Switching: 0808 123 0123

Prefer to phone a landline? Call 01453 761482.

Or email

Business hotlines

We're open 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Thursday and 8:30am – 4:00pm Friday. 

Out of hours you can email

  • Business: 0345 230 6 102

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