Direct Debit review FAQs

If you pay by fixed Direct Debit, we routinely review your payments to make sure they’re covering your usage. You can find out more about why and how we carry out these reviews below.

How do you recalculate my fixed Direct Debit?

We always recalculate your Direct Debits around the same time of the year.

Why do you recalculate Direct Debits this way?

This will help to bring your account up to date, and will ensure that you’re paying a fixed amount that more accurately reflects how much energy you’re actually using.

Why didn’t you have my payment set at the right amount?

We calculate your monthly payments based on the consumption data we have for you. If we don’t have enough consumption history to accurately calculate your payments, we’ll base them on the average consumption in a property of your size.

We always calculate monthly payments as accurately as we can using the information we’ve got, but sometimes we need to change your payments if we receive more accurate, up-to-date meter readings, if your energy usage isn’t in line with our estimate, or if we change our prices.

How have my payments been calculated?

We look at the amount of energy you’ve used over the past 12 months, and how much this would cost. 

We then divide this yearly cost by the number of months until your next review, to give us your regular payment amount.

If your payments haven’t been sufficient to cover your energy usage, there will be a debit balance on your account that needs to be repaid. If there’s a debt on your account we’ll divide that debt into twelve, and add it to your monthly payments.

Will my payments still be fixed?

We’ll continue to collect a fixed payment, but that payment is based on an estimate of your energy consumption during the year ahead. So at least once a year we’ll check your account to see if you used the amount that we’d estimated. If you’ve used more energy and your payments weren’t sufficient to cover the cost of that energy, we’ll collect any outstanding debit in 12 payments. 

Can I pay by credit card or through my account online?

You’re welcome to make the one-off payment with a credit card or through online banking. Or, you can pay through your Ecotricity account online. We’ll then be able to readjust your regular Direct Debit payments.

Can I switch to a variable Direct Debit?

You’re welcome to change your payment method, and lots of customers like this method as it means that they always pay for the energy that they’ve actually used. If you do this, it means that any debit balances on your account will be due for payment within 14 days of the date on the bill. If you choose to pay by variable Direct Debit, we’ll collect the outstanding balance automatically. You’ll receive your bills every month, instead of every three months.

Can I switch to pay by cash, cheque or credit/ debit card?

You’re welcome to change your payment method. If you do this, any debit balances on your account will be outstanding and due immediately. You’ll also receive your bills every month, instead of every three months.

Can I reduce my ongoing payment?

We calculated your fixed payments based on the consumption data that we hold for you. If we reduce these payments they won’t cover your usage, so we’re unable to reduce them unless your energy consumption reduces or you make a lump sum payment. We can offer you some energy efficiency advice to help you lower your consumption, and therefore, your bills. 

If your Direct Debit was reviewed based on an estimated meter reading, please send us an up to date, accurate reading and we can carry out a new review based on this.

If you’re finding it difficult to pay, just give us a call on 0345 555 7 100 or email

Can I have a bill based on accurate meter readings? 

Before carrying out a review of your account to determine the right level for your Direct Debit payments, we request a meter reading to ensure that your new payments are as accurate as possible. If we didn’t have an accurate, up-to-date reading, we would estimate your monthly payments using an estimated meter reading based on your previous consumption. If you provide an accurate meter reading now, we can look at recalculating your monthly payments using this.

Can I spread the payment?

We’ve already spread the outstanding balance over 12 payments to try to help you.

However, if you’re finding it difficult to pay, just give us a call on 0345 555 7 100 or email

What happens if I’ve already agreed my payments with one of your team?

Please give us a call on 0345 555 7 100 or email

What if I can’t afford to pay this?

Give us a call on 0345 555 7 100 or email

Can I have my credit back?

If you have a credit balance on your account which you’d like refunded, please get in touch and we can look at arranging this.

All fixed Direct Debit accounts will swing between credit and debit at certain times of the year. During the summer months, when your energy usage is lower than your fixed payments, a credit balance may build up. This credit balance is then used in the winter months when your fixed monthly payments may not cover your energy usage. 

So although we’d be happy to discuss this with you, if we refund any credit on your account, you could build up a debit, and so we may have to recalculate your payments accordingly. This could lead to your monthly payments being increased to cover the winter months.

Can I switch to a new supplier?

There are regulations about switching suppliers if you have debit on your account. If you’d like to switch away, please get in touch with us to find out more.