Government electricity rebate scheme

Some of you may have already received a £12 credit to your bill or even a Pay As You Go top-up voucher for £12. This is part of a Government scheme called the ‘Government Electricity Rebate’. The scheme is part of a two-year package of measures put in place by the Government to help reduce domestic electricity bills. As well as the £12 rebate, the Government is looking to cut costs of some other energy policies and also to reduce the costs of distributing electricity.

This £12 rebate is available to all domestic electricity customers regardless of how you pay for your electricity. There are differences in how you’ll receive this rebate. For example, if you pay by Direct Debit or on receipt of your bill we’ll credit £12 to your account, and if you are a Pay As You Go customer we’ve been asked to issue this rebate in the form of a top-up voucher sent to you in the post.

This scheme will mean a rebate will be paid to an estimated 27 million UK households.

Is this a ‘one off’ or will there be rebates every year?

This rebate is the second of two rebates introduced by the Government to help reduce domestic electricity bills.

Will I get a rebate on my gas bill too?

No, the rebate only applies to electricity bills.

I haven’t had my £12 rebate yet? When will I get it?

Ecotricity will issue the rebate to domestic electricity customers in November 2015.

For our credit customers ( pay by Direct Debit or on receipt of your bill), we’ll be applying yourrebate to your account, which will be shown on your bill starting in October 2015.

For PAYG customers, we’ll be sending you a letter,with details of how you can claim your £12 at your nearest Post Office.

I pay by monthly Direct Debit; will my next month’s payment be £12 cheaper?

No, the £12 rebate will be credited to your account and taken into account when your Direct Debit payments are reviewed. If you move house or change supplier before your next Direct Debit review, the rebate will have been taken into account when calculating your final balance.

For Pay As You Go customers

How will I get the rebate?

If you are a Pay As You Go customer, as long as we have your up-to-date account details such as your name and the date we started to supply your property, then we’ll send a voucher for £12 to you in the post. The Post Office will be able to transfer the credit onto your Pay As You Go key, and this will then appear on your Pay As You Go receipt. You must bring along some form of identification (see below) when you visit the Post Office, so that they can do this for you.

Valid forms of identification:

  • Valid UK passport
  • Valid UK driving license
  • Valid EU driving license
  • Utility or household bill
  • Pension card

If you don't think we have up-to-date account details, please contact us on 0345 555 7 100.

I don’t have a Pay As You Go meter any more but you’ve sent me a Pay As You Go voucher

If you’ve changed your Pay As You Go meter to a standard credit meter, please contact us – we’ll cancel the voucher and apply a £12 refund to your bill.

My voucher doesn’t work, what do I do?

If you’re a PAYG customer and have any problems with your voucher when you take it to the Post Office, please contact us on 0345 555 7 100.

The voucher has expired, what do I do?

You must redeem your voucher by 28 February 2016. After this, you’ll not be able to get the £12 rebate anymore.

You've sent my voucher but my name is spelt wrong, does this matter?

Yes, your name must match your identification to pass the security check. Please contact us to amend your name, we’ll then send you a replacement voucher.

Our Ecotricity account is in more than one name – what should we do?

If your Ecotricity account is in more than one name, any named person can redeem this voucher as long as their identification matches at least one of the names.

Can I use the voucher for my gas meter?

No, the voucher can only be used for the electricity meter.

Can I redeem the voucher at Payzone or PayPoint?

Sorry, you can only redeem this particular voucher at the Post Office and don’t forget to bring your identification.

Can I use this voucher even if my Pay As You Go key isn’t Ecotricity branded?

Yes, this doesn’t matter. You’ll still be able to use your voucher with your Pay As You Go key even if it’s not branded as Ecotricity.

I don’t know where my nearest Post Office is?

Don’t worry, you can find your nearest branch through the Post Office branch finder.

I can’t get to the Post Office myself, is someone else allowed to redeem the voucher on my behalf?

No, there are strict rules around the redemption of vouchers under the scheme. If you’re registered disabled or can’t get to the Post Office for any other medical reason, please contact us on 0345 555 7 100.

If you have any questions or if we don’t have your up to date name and account details, please call 0345 555 7 100 or email us at