How it works

We offer just one simple tariff for electricity and one for gas. And all of our customers are always on our latest best price – no matter when they joined us.

A Pay As You Go meter allows you to pay for your electricity and gas as you use it. It also helps you to budget for your ongoing energy use, and pay off and manage any existing debt in small weekly amounts.

If you think you'd benefit from a prepayment meter please get in touch (see our 'Home hotlines' column on the right hand side of this page) and we’ll arrange everything for you. And if you don't have a prepayment meter we'll arrange a convenient time with you to install one.

All you need to use a Pay As You Go meter is a key (or a card for gas) that you buy credit for and load onto your meter.

How and where to top up

It’s really easy to buy credit. Just take your electricity meter key or gas meter card to your nearest Post OfficePayPoint or Pay Zone.

You can top up in £1’s – from a minimum of £1 up to £49.

Simply insert the key into your meter to load your credit.

Always check that your receipt says ‘credit accepted’ and keep all your receipts somewhere safe as proof of purchase and tick them off against each quarterly statement.

Check how much gas or electricity you use

Once your meter's up and running check it regularly to find out how much electricity or gas you use and make a note of it. It helps you to see how much energy you use and gives you a starting point for reducing the amount of electricity or gas you use to save money.

Look after your key or card

Please keep your card or key clean or it may stop working. If you lose or damage it we can send you a new one, but there'll be a small charge. And because it may take up to five working days to reach you, it may leave you without electricity or gas.

How to look after your account and service support

Visit our Codes of Practice page and click on the 'Pay as you go meters' PDF which explains how to maintain your account correctly, what service support you can expect from us and pay as you go meters explained.

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