Emergency PAYG credit

Emergency credit allows you to access £5 worth of emergency credit, via your meter, to see you through until you can buy some more from a top-up outlet.

If your meter runs out your electricity or gas will go off. For those rare times that this happens – because you haven't bought enough credit – there’s always emergency credit.

Using emergency credit regularly isn’t a good idea. Once in emergency credit you need to pay the full £5 off before your meter registers as 'in credit' again. Use all of your emergency credit without topping up you’ll have no electricity or gas and you'll need to put £15 onto your card or meter to be in credit by £10.

Plus, if your meter is running on emergency credit, it won't take any standing charges or debt repayments. But once your meter is back in credit they'll be taken in a lump sum.

For this reason we recommend that you keep a £10 float on your meter.

How to activate emergency credit

For electricity

Insert your key into the meter and press the activation button.

For gas

Emergency credit can be activated once your meter has less than £2 of credit. Simply insert your gas meter card into the meter and press the button.