Meter readers

Meter reading is one of the most important parts of energy supply.

The best way to submit your own meter readings is through our online account.

On average, around 90 per cent of all energy supply problems in the UK relate to billing and meter readings. If we can get this bit right, then everything else follows.

That’s why, as well as asking you to send us regular meter readings, we also send meter readers to you, and we often make additional attempts if you’re not home when we call.

We also work with third party meter reading companies to make sure we get accurate, regular readings.

Working with these companies, we’re able to provide a truly nationwide service that allows us to read your meters on a regular basis.


For our domestic customers

We use a meter reading company called Lowri Beck Services.

For our business customers

We use Lowri Beck Services alongside Stark, Energy Asset Group Ltd, and SMS.


How to be sure an engineer is really from Ecotricity:

When one of our meter readers visits your home, they should always tell you who they are, why they are visiting you, and show you some identification.

So that you know you’re letting in the right person to your home, always check your meter reader’s ID when they call at your home to make sure they are who they say they are.

The engineer’s ID card will contain the following information:

  • The name of their organisation, which will be Lowri Beck Services, or one of the companies listed above for business customers
  • ‌A colour photo of the engineer
  • Their name and signature
  • ‌Their reference number
  • The card’s expiry date.

If you’d like some extra security, you can also give us a password that our meter reader has to use before you let them in. If you’d like to do that, just call us on 0345 555 7 100, or email us at


How do we make meter reading appointments?

We provide the meter reading company with a window of time in which the customer’s meter must be read. They’ll then send a meter reader out to take a meter reading within this time. If they can’t access the property, they’ll leave a card asking the customer to call them to provide a meter reading, or to provide a reading online.


How long will a meter reader spend in my home?

A meter reader should take no longer than 15 minutes to obtain a meter reading.


When are Smart meters coming, and will they mean you’ll still need to send a meter reader?

Smart meters send meter readings to your supplier automatically every month, which means your bills will be more accurate. 

You can find out more about Smart meters here.