The Virtual Power Plant

The Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is the future of energy in Britain. It’s a way for businesses and generators to help make a more stable, greener grid – and to benefit financially too.

What is a Virtual Power Plant?

It’s a digital control system that wirelessly connects thousands of businesses, energy generators and energy storage systems across Britain – what we call ‘assets’.

The Virtual Power Plant monitors the energy grid and makes small adjustments to these assets – better balancing supply and demand. The result of this is a more stable grid and better energy efficiency.

How does the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) work?

The adjustments are small. For example, when demand on the grid is high, this could mean wirelessly lowering air conditioning or dimming lights for just sixty seconds. But with thousands of businesses plugged in, it makes a big difference.

The changes happen in the background, so there’s no disruption to day-to-day activities – but the businesses involved benefit from lower energy bills and a revenue share for being part of the VPP.

How does VPP work for you?

For businesses

Think of it as having a remote energy manager whose sole mission is to improve your business energy usage. You may not see any changes to your usage at all – but you’ll still benefit from lower energy bills and a revenue share.

The process is simple. We simply attach a wireless box to your meters, then our central control system sends commands and scheduling signals to the boxes – increasing or reducing energy when it might benefit the grid and you.

For energy generators

It’s the same principle: we simply reduce your generation at certain periods when the grid is full, or increase your generation if the grid’s low.

You’ll still get a generation payment, plus the added benefit of revenue share payments for being part of the VPP.

You can find out more about solar power and wind energy generation here.

For energy storage systems

We’ll remotely charge or discharge your battery at optimal moments to maximise the battery’s revenue generation – and, importantly, maximise its life.

And of course, you’ll get revenue share payments too.

Join the Virtual Power Plant

It’s easy to sign up to our VPP – simply contact or call us on 01453 790172