The Ecotricity Group

Building a sustainable future isn’t just about changing how energy is made and used. It’s about what we eat and how we get around, as well as how we power our homes. Energy, transport and food – they’re the big three things that we all need to tackle.

And as a 21st century energy company, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

We started with green energy – and in the process kickstarted a green revolution. Since then we’ve continued to push the boundaries, introducing sustainability in lots of new areas, from electric vehicle charging through to football, finance and telecoms.

Every part of the Ecotricity Group works together to create a green Britain.


Ecotricity was founded in 1995 as the world’s first green energy company. We’re also the greenest energy company in Britain, and we supply 100% green electricity and carbon neutral gas to over 200,000 customers.


Ecotalk is our green mobile phone service – it’s powered by our very own 100% green electricity, so every text sent, every call made, and every byte of data used is powered by energy from the wind and the sun. And we use the money from Ecotalk bills to buy land to give back to nature, creating vital new habitats for bees and other wildlife.

Forest Green Rovers

Forest Green Rovers (FGR) is the greenest football club in Britain, and the only vegan club in the world. FGR spreads the message of sustainability to the world of sport, and is successful on the pitch too, having been promoted to League Two in the 2016/17 football season.


Britwind is our game-changing small wind company – designing and manufacturing 100% British windmills for landowners and businesses across Britain.

Electric Highway

Launched in 2011, our Electric Highway is Britain’s first and only national network of electric vehicle charging points. It has around 300 electricity pumps across the motorway network and beyond.


Our ecobonds give people the chance to share in the financial benefits of the green energy revolution. Four ecobonds have been issued so far, raising well over £50m.

Forest Green Sun Company

Through Forest Green Sun, we look after lots of customers with solar panels on our Energy Saver Plan product. It’s a great way of helping more people to generate their own green energy in Britain.

Affiliated charities

Green Britain Foundation

The Green Britain Foundation is our independent charitable arm. Set up in 2012, its aim is to help realise our vision of a Green Britain.