Why put the bee back in Britain?

At Ecotricity, our mission is to create a Green Britain. We focus on four key areas to do this – energy, transport, food, and – just as importantly – making space for nature.

For too long, we’ve been squeezing wildlife out through intensive farming and a more widespread use of pesticides. This has led to a huge decline in bird and bee populations – and we need to stop this.

In 2004, we bought Lynch Knoll in Gloucestershire. We planted 20,000 trees to reinstate the woodland, and let the rest of it run wild. The idea was to give the land back to nature – and it worked. The land has become a vital habitat for all sorts of birds, small mammals and insects – including bees.

Sowing yellow rattle at Lynch Knoll

So we’re going to keep buying land to give back to nature – using the money from Ecotalk bills, our brand new mobile phone service.

Ecotalk is a mobile phone service with a difference – it’s powered by Ecotricity, so every text sent, every call made and every byte of data used is powered by green energy from the wind and the sun.

Ecotalk: giving land back to nature, powered by the wind and sun.

We’re calling on the nation to stand up and defend Britain’s bees.

Make the Pollinator Promise to do your bit to help protect our bees.

And join Ecotalk to make a difference every time you use your phone.

Together, we can put the bee back in Britain.