The Green Party

Since they were founded in 1990, the Green Party has pushed for real change to protect our natural world, safeguard us from climate breakdown, and preserve the future of our planet.

They’re made up of campaigners, volunteers, and long-standing activists – all of which have taken strong and radical action to address climate change. 45,000 driven members passionately advocate for green energy, fight fracking, and oppose the climate crisis.

The Green Party is also striving for a carbon neutral Britain by 2030 – and right now, councillors around the country are helping communities and businesses declare a climate emergency.

United against climate chaos 

In our decade-long partnership with the Green Party, we’ve actively supported the fight against climate chaos. In the last year alone, we’ve saved 300 tonnes of carbon in partnership through tree planting!

We know how important green voices are, in a political environment that too often ignores the damage we do to our planet. The Green Party is at the forefront of advocating for green energy – including banning fracking, promoting renewable energy as the only option, scrapping fossil fuels, and investing in energy efficiency.


We both agree that Britain needs to ditch fracking and choose green energy, for any hope of a sustainable future. We need a world where we can take real care of our planet, our wildlife, and our people. And together, Britain’s greenest energy company and the greenest political party can help deliver that.