Wind turbine in a green field with a clear blue sky.

We began the year in fine fashion – with top designer and climate campaigner, Vivienne Westwood, switching her business energy supply to us, and even naming her London Fashion Week show ‘Ecotricity’.

We also launched Fully Charged, our energy and EV bundle. Fully Charged removes the cost barriers of charging at home, and makes charging cheaper and easier on the road too.

Britain’s bees were given a boost as we launched our Pollinator Promise - calling on Britons to pledge to take action to protect Britain’s pollinators. Almost 2000 people made the Promise, creating bee-friendly gardens from Inverness to Penzance.

We opened a new office in Bristol to attract some of the city’s top digital talent be part of our mission to transform the experience of our customers.

And we ended 2017 with a great example of our ‘bills into mills’ model – the completion of our latest wind park at Alveston, South Gloucestershire. The three windmills provide enough electricity to power more than 3,000 homes for the next 30 years, with no pollution. Another massive step for the green revolution – and all with the help of our customers.

Total windmills installed:74
MW installed (this year):6.9
Total capacity to date:87.2
Homes powered (equiv):62696
Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.:49018
Homes supplied year end:117856