Electric cars charging at an Ecotricity charging station

2014 was one of our biggest years yet. By the end of the year, we had doubled in size, powering over 150,000 customers. We continued to provide the best customer service in the industry – we topped the Which? Best Energy Company survey and received the lowest number of complaints in the industry for the fifth year running.

We kept building new sources of green energy too, installing four new windmills at Galsworthy in Devon. Galsworthy was our nineteenth wind park, and it will produce enough electricity to power well over 4,000 homes every year.

Our car charging network, the Electric Highway, also took big steps forward. Throughout the year, the network powered almost five million miles of emissions free driving.

Total windmills installed:59
MW installed (this year):9.2
Total capacity to date:70.7
Homes powered (equiv):53,581
Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.:41,841
Homes supplied year end:77,758

Progress report

For more details on what we did this year, download our 2014 Progress Report.