Ecotricity offices at night

On Thursday 1 August we launched a 100% green electricity tariff for all our customers – called Green Electricity.

We had two tariffs until then – New Energy, which in 2012 was about 60% green, and New Energy Plus, which was 100% green for a small extra cost.

Our Green Electricity tariff blends the best of both – the 100% green content of New Energy Plus and the lower price of New Energy.

We also introduced our frack-free promise to our Green Gas tariff – assuring our customers that we oppose fracking and support ant-fracking groups across Britain.

2013 was our first year at WOMAD festival – and we loved it so much that we’ve been back every year since.

Total windmills installed:55
MW installed (this year):0
Total capacity to date:61.5
Homes powered (equiv):46,894
Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.:36,576
Homes supplied year end:75,309

Progress report

For more details on what we did this year, download our 2013 Progress Report.