Forest Green's stadium, the New Lawn

We launched our Dump the Big Six viral video in February – a film of collapsing cooling towers with animated faces – and it attracted over 2.6 million views on YouTube throughout the year.

Commuters and passers-by in UK cities were greeted by oversized red, white and blue ‘CBE’ medals around the necks of statues of iconic Brits in June. The medals marked the start of our joint campaign with Friends of the Earth – to boost Clean British Energy.

In September our electric supercar – the Nemesis – broke the British land speed record for an electric vehicle: reaching an impressive 151 mph and smashing the stereotype that electric cars needn't look like something Noddy would drive.

We also built a couple more windmills, relaunched Ecotopia – our online shop, and Forest Green Rovers became the first club in Europe to achieve EMAS status – the EU’s gold standard for environmental management.

Total windmills installed:55
MW installed (this year):0
Total capacity to date:61.5
Homes powered (equiv):46,894
Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.:36,576
Homes supplied year end:69,439

Progress report

For more details on what we did this year, download our 2012 Progress Report.