Electric Highway top-up zone

In July we were joined by our 50,000th customer – quite a milestone.

And we launched our Electric Highway – the UK’s first motorway network of charging points for electric vehicles, at Welcome Break service stations.

Phase one was complete by December when people could drive their electric cars between London, Bristol, Exeter, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and north to the Lake District without fear of running out of power.

We also built a couple more windmills and launched Britain’s first proper sun park. Oh, and we launched our second ecobond to fundraise for a big build program in 2012.

Total windmills installed:55
MW installed (this year):0
Total capacity to date:61.5
Homes powered (equiv):46,894
Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.:36,576
Homes supplied year end:60,000

Progress report

For more details on what we did this year, download our 2011 Progress Report.