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Megawatts Number of Megawatts built by Ecotricity
Windmills Number of Windmills built by Ecotricity
Sunmills MW of Sunmills built by Ecotricity

Ecotricity History - 2010

We launched our Green Gas tariff, making us the first energy company to offer a truly green dual fuel tariff.

We also ventured into the world of finance, launching our EcoBonds – a revolutionary way to fund green energy projects and share the benefits with our customers. In the autumn, our wind-powered car, the Nemesis, hit the road and caused quite a stir.

We capped off the year by starting work on our first-ever Sun Park. Oh, and our customer-base grew to nearly 45,000 people. Truly – it was quite a year!

For more details on what we did you can download our  2010 progress report (PDF, 3.74 MB) in PDF format.

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Total windmills installed: 51

MW Installed (this year): 0

Total capacity to date: 52

Homes powered (equiv): 30,872

Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.: 50,053

Homes Supplied Year end: 34,828