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Megawatts Number of Megawatts built by Ecotricity
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Ecotricity History - 2009

The recession continued, making the already-tricky job of building windmills that much harder. Banks stopped lending, the pound crashed in value against the Euro (we buy our windmills in Euros) and things generally ground to a halt.

Undeterred we pressed on, welcoming B&Q to the revolution, with one new windmill to power their Worksop distribution centre.  And we pushed ahead with planning applications for many more.

The number of homes we supplied grew to nearly 35,000 – showing that environmental awareness doesn’t only apply when times are good.

For more details on what we did you can download our  2009 progress report (PDF, 2.93 MB) in PDF format.

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Total windmills installed: 50

MW Installed (this year): 2

Total capacity to date: 50

Homes powered (equiv): 29,813

Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.: 48,336

Homes Supplied Year end: 33,032